The idea for Taliho began while I was providing engineering and construction management services for a Fortune 500 company in the early 2000’s. I would constantly get document and information requests from the various trades. It wasn’t long before I realized I was spending half of each day hunting down, printing out, and delivering information that should have been readily accessible to begin with. While necessary, these tasks were taking away from the time I needed to address more pressing project issues. There had to be a better way.

Years later, I imagined a platform to build an arrangement of QR Codes, each one digitally linked to a specific project directory. I would print the arrangement on the construction drawings and allow access to the tradesmen with information that they were most routinely seeking – Submittals, RFI’s, Schedule, MSDS, Photos, etc. This would free up approximately 15 hours per week that I could spend on actually managing my projects.

It took some more years to gather the courage and turn the Taliho concept into a reality. I had 30 years of experience in the building design and construction industry. with no idea how to get started. What I did know was this concept had the potential to address an enormous pain point in our industry: miscommunication.

In early 2022, I was introduced to JP Mitra, a young construction professional with a background in software development. JP has joined Taliho as a co-founder to help turn the Taliho vision into a digital reality. Together, we are working to help construction companies improve their workflows by providing a simple and efficient way to increase communications among the entire project team.