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QR Codes for all of your construction projects, helping your project managers relay information to the field without delays!

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Real-World Applications

With over 30 years of industry experience, we have identified specific needs by construction companies and designed a solution geared towards improving project communications.


Create QR Codes for your project documents

Never lose track of another document by creating QR Codes for each document category. Update your clients and your team with submittal documents, observation reports, safety videos, and as-built drawings all within one convenient app.

Equipment Codes

Organize your equipment reports, specifications, and warranties

Find a specific equipment's documents instantly by adding a QR Code nearby. Maintaining equipment such as heat pumps, boilers, and valves has never been easier by integrating a local interface with a digital access to documents.


Keep your team well informed at all times without the hassle

Reduce the need for RFIs by maintaining field availability to project documentation for the entire team. From the project managers to the foreman, superintendents to skilled laborers, key project information is available to anyone who needs it.

QR Codes built to make an impact

Incorporate our application to your next project to improve communications, increase productivity, and receive an immediate ROI from our wide list of features.

QR Accessible Folders

Keep your team informed with publicly accessible folders and accompanying QR Codes.

Unlimited Users

Invite your entire team to make sure everyone is up to date on the latest project information.

Cloud Uploads

Access your files anytime, anywhere with cloud storage solutions powering our platform.

QR Code Strips

Arrange QR Codes into strips to give your team access to a collection of related files and folders.

Printable Codes

Print your codes as a PDF or embed them as an image to expand accessibility to your documents.

Supported File Types

Upload any file type to best suit your needs anywhere from PDFs, Excel Sheets, Images, and more.

Version Control

Reupload and update documents as needed to prevent your team from using outdated files.

Secure Storage

Automatically secure your documents with regular back-ups to keep your data safe.