What is Taliho?

Taliho is a document storage platform with a revolutionary twist perfectly tailored for the construction industry. Our patented technology enables users to construct customized groupings of QR Codes, which Taliho refers to as QR arrangements.

Each unique code within the QR Arrangement is pre-programmed to provide remote access to a specific Category of construction project data. Post your QR Arrangement in the field, where users with a mobile devices simply scan and retrieve the information they were seeking.

Popular Categories include: RFIs, Submittals, Design Drawings, Specifications, Schedules, and more.

The Taliho Story

Greetings. My name is Todd Hesnor and I am a professional engineer with over 25-years experience in the building design and construction industry.

Much of my mid-career was spent at a Fortune 500 company, creating industrial designs and overseeing construction. This particular client had long, steep road running through the center of campus. All construction work was performed inside buildings at the bottom of the hill. Naturally, the administration offices were at the top of the hill. I can't tell you how many times I've walked to the bottom of that hill, met with a contractor, then walked back up the hill to find a submittal, a detail, an O&M Manual, etc. Of course, once finally located, I would travel back down the hill, find the contractor, and deliver the requested document. It was a huge waste of my time, and the process itself inherently slowed the Trades' progress.

I figured there had to be a better way!

Sure, we tried popular cloud-based CM platforms. And they were good at just about everything we needed - except distributing information. Even if a tradesmen may have been a registered user of the CM platform (and most of the time they were not), they just about always balked at logging in and drilling down to find the information they required. After all, it was easier just to ask me, the PM.

Around 2015, I came up with the concept of utilizing QR Codes to act as a gateway to accessing my digital files. I slowly implemented this system into a workflow and it evolved into a great success. The Trades had access to all the information they needed. And I discovered more time to spend on other tasks.

Now I’d like to share my concept with others. But I could not have accomplished it alone. My Co-Founder, JP Mitra, has done an outstanding job interpreting my rudimentary application and coding it into an intuitive, scalable and secure cloud-based platform. We look forward to working with you and always welcome suggestions on how we might improve our product.


Todd Hesnor

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