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Empowering your entire team has never been easier.

Our Procore-approved platform integrates seamlessly, allowing you to instantaneously share real-time Procore project information. All from a simple scan of a QR Code, requiring minimal effort from the remote scanner.

Why Procore users love Taliho.

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Procore Tools

Tons of Procore information to choose from.

Submittals, RFI's, Drawings, Specifications, Observations, Inspections, Coordination Issues, Incidents, Punch List, Directory, Photos, and more.

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Fetch from Procore

One-click populating: Procore to Taliho QR Code.

Skip manual document selection and instantly populate QR Codes with all Category contents. Hide the documents you wish not to share. All with the click of a single button.

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Developed by popular request from our users.

Create a QR Code that provides only the information associated with a particular Procore Location. Post one for each Location on your project.

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Drawing Sheets

Unique QR Codes for
each drawing sheet.

Want to reference a specific drawing sheet? No problem. Create a unique QR Code that provides remote access to only the sheet you desire to share.

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Great for promoting consistency from job-to-job.

Make selected files from Procore's Document tool readily available, before fielding email requests for them. Built by popular request from existing Taliho users.

Quick and easy setup to keep you moving.

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No app, login, or navigation.

Currently, the easiest way for a Tradesperson to obtain information is to ask someone else.

Save everyone's time with Taliho.

Integration is a breeze.

All we require is a secure, one-time sign in to your Procore account.

That's it. You're ready to link Taliho QR Codes!

No data manipulation.

Taliho provides read-only access to Procore files and documents.

No worries about unwanted changes.

Your data is safe.

Taliho provides a gateway for viewing documents on the Procore server.

Without compromising your Procore security.

Suggestions Welcomed!

"A fair share of our Procore features have been built on requests from clients. Keep the great ideas coming!"

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JP Mitra
Co-Founder, Taliho

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